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I have loads of friends who like music and include it in their gaming lives.  Some even include the title of one of the two most well-known Pink Floyd albums in the headers for a book about Star Wars: The Old Republic (I see what you did there).  I have a number of friends who are musicians (and gamers) and thus, I’d like to flex my superpower of networking and give you a series of links of songs about gaming both from people I know or songs I was linked to that I think my gaming blog readers might appreciate.  You can assume that I also highly recommend a number of video game soundtracks, ranging from the Legend of Zelda ones, the Warcraft ones (MoP is exquisite), LotRO’s stuff (Chance Thomas FTW!), the various Myst soundtracks, etc. etc. etc.

* Thoryana and the Band of Exiles – My favorite is Wipe, Res, Rebuff.

* The Dead Alewives and their quintessential D&D sketch.

* The ever-delightful Emerald Rose and their D&D tune Never Split the Party.

* The Gothsicles – Lots of gaming songs, particularly Konami Code.

* The great Luke Ski – His track My Parents Bought Me Intellivision got linked once by the folks at Mattel.

* Hot Waffles – Their song Roll and a Prayer is pretty cool, IMHO.

* You should all just go and buy every single song Insane Ian has ever done. His epic video game medleys are awesome. I honestly can’t pick a favorite for you all, tho you should see this video for Welcome to the Last Arcade.

* Minibosses – My particular favorite is their take on the Wizards and Warriors tunes.

* Oxhorn – Of course, his biggest hit is An Oxhorn Brand Medley.

* Paul and Storm – My favorite is Frogger! the Frogger Musical.

* Positude has a lovely tune called 2600.

* Possible Oscar has several gaming songs. Particular favorites are Never Gonna Beat This Boss, Dead Nintendo, and their cover of a classic Tom Smith track, Dead Again.

* Rob Balder has a song about a gaming stereotype called Gamer Funk.

* The epically talented S. J. Tucker has a lovely song called Playing D&D.

* Stephen Lynch has a great song about D&D.

* Devo Spice and Worm Quartet explain ShoEboX’s obsession about Pac-Man.

* TV’s Kyle has an epic song called King of Kong.

* And for any of you who hated that damned dog in Duck Hunt, Devo Spice and the Gothsicles answer the question ‘Why Can’t I Shoot the Dog?‘.

So there you go, lots of earworms. Check out the musicians’ other stuff if you like what you hear. A lot of these folks do this as their day jobs, so support the artists whenever you can!  ❤


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