The Disparity of Lowbie Datacrons in TOR   2 comments

This is not the super-long intense blog I’ll hopefully be posting later today about something else in TOR. This is an idle grump about how it’s a billion times easier to get the datacrons on Dromund Kaas than it is on Coruscant.

Let’s break it down:

Dromund Kaas has 5 datacrons, same as Coruscant.

1) Spaceport. The datacron is in a hangar right at the spaceport and you can get it by going up stairs, falling down onto a pipe, walking along the pipe a short distance, and taking a running leap to a crate.

2) Near Spaceport. You go up a path near the spaceport, avoid or kill an elite (not too hard), follow another path, get the datacron.

3) Near the Dark Temple. You go up a path into a heroic area (you’re not near any of the mobs), do a couple of easy jumps, run out (again, not near any mobs).

4) Lord Grathan’s Estate. You go into a quest hub area, kill/sneak your way to the front of Lord Grathan’s estate, hang a right by the wall, walk up a path with no mobs, get the datacron.

5) Malignant Bog. You go into the Malignant Bog heroic area near the estate, run like hell through the heroic mobs, up a path, get the datacron.

On only *ONE* of these are there any mobs that you pretty much have to kill in order to get past, and even that one can be avoided if you want. The Bog datacron is easy to get if you learned the trick to run, let your companion get aggro and die, keep running until you’re out of combat, dismiss/summon companion, keep running.  I’ve never died once getting the Bog datacron.  Didn’t stop to fight anyone either.

Now, on Coruscant, we have:

1) Migrant Merchant Guild Docks.  Have to fight an elite with 3 adds (or hope someone else just killed him). He’s not too hard to beat, although I’ve died a few times due to not nuking the adds quickly enough.

2) Graffiti Square. You get all the fun of playing Mario by jumping up onto a barrel, then a crate, running jump at an angle to another bunch of crates, then swear at collision plates at the top of those crates when you’re trying to get onto the pipes to leap across to the balcony, then more jumping/vertigo attacks, lengthy pipe-walks and jumping onto a sign and then falling down and hoping you don’t aggro a mob at the bottom after you get the datacron and jump (and thus lose a good chunk of your health).

3) Justicar Territory. Kill some mobs near some crates. Climb up on the crates. Jump over to some pipes, swear more at collision plates.  Fall down several times, have to re-kill the mobs if you don’t get it before they respawn. Up across some pipes, more vertigo, and… I dunno, I never managed to get past the first jump onto the pipes.

4) The Works. Kill your way past rogue droids near the starting point, up and around, kill some mobs of chtons. Jump up onto a wide pipe. Run along pipe, jumping several times to other pipes.  If you fall at any point, you have to go all the way back (generally fighting all the mobs again cos they respawn fairly quickly), and try it again. The jumping angles aren’t all that awesome, and even the use of Sprint can’t save you if you land badly on a round pipe.  I just did this on my Sage on Saturday, and it took me over 10 tries to make it over to the part where you just have to walk slowly along a smaller pipe to where the datacron is.

5) Jedi Temple. This one has a Champion Dark Sith posted near it, but you can actually get the datacron without aggroing him.  Not hard.

However, overall, the Imp side has it tons easier to get datacrons on their capital planet than the Reps do.  I’m not really sure it’s fair or balanced, and I would hope that perhaps sometime down the line in the future, Bioware might change a couple of the parameters, either make it harder for the Imps to get a couple of their datacrons, or make it easier for the Reps by altering those freakin’ collision plates and making the paths along the pipes less torturous for the Justicar and Works datacrons.


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2 responses to “The Disparity of Lowbie Datacrons in TOR

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  1. Dude, seriously? The Coruscant datacrons are way more fun to collect! Quit the qq and get some pewpew!

    • Your opinion is noted and politely disagreed with. /I/ didn’t have fun with the two pipe-jumping DCs on Coruscant, and the difference in the two planets’ ease of access is what my point was. The Imps don’t /have/ to pewpew to get to their stuff. Reps do, and have to go through contortions to get to two of theirs. It’s not a thing I found fun or fair, that’s all.

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