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My friend Beth Kinderman and her band The Player Characters have a song out called Drinking Song, from her album More Songs About Robots and Death. The gist of the song is ‘why do you watch this show if you hate it so much?’  Recent commentary on TOR’s F2P transition have brought out the folks who hate how the F2P is being handled, with one blogger being very vocal in her opinion that EA is actively punishing free players, rather than encouraging them to subscribe.  I understand the opinions of folks who are cautious about returning, who intend to come back once F2P is live, who think EA is being too restrictive in the F2P/Preferred Status terms.

What I don’t understand are the folks who state that there’s nothing that could get them to re-up to the game… but still spend a good deal of time discussing the game anyway.  It’s very baffling to me to see multiple people still gnawing the bone of the various reasons why they don’t like the game or why F2P won’t bring them back.  Some of these conversations have the fervor of political ‘discussions’, where an advocate of one side is saying ‘this is good, this is bad, blah blah blah’ and the other person has their hands over their ears going ‘LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU, YOUR GUY IS BAD’.

I don’t get it.

If someone is that done with the game, why waste the time or brain cells talking about it?  Move on, yeah?


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