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Less than a half-hour after I post my previous rant about people whining about TOR ‘taking away their stuff’, Joveth Gonzalez posts a link to a beautiful announcement about Preferred Status Players, where Bioware cites this new class of player that retains /some/ benefits of paid status, but isn’t as ‘severe’ as many people perceive the full-on F2P status is.

So, now we have:

* Subscriber – Gets everything, gets a few extras we don’t have now (6 quickslot bars!)

* Preferred Status – Gets to keep lots of the things that subs get, but not everything, to keep sub status worthwhile (full details available here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=5324230#post5324230)

* Free-to-Play Status – All the restrictions that have been the cause of much teeth grinding and hairpulling.

Here’s one of the things that shouts clearly to the players: THEY ARE LISTENING TO US.

Sure, there are still many things that aren’t given to the new PSPs that subs will have, and that’s fine by me, there should be incentives to go (or stay) full-on subscriber. I don’t recall getting anything nearly this cool when my EQ2 sub lapsed to F2P. The way Bioware is working this is very appealing. Unless I’m misreading Damion Schubert’s post that Joveth linked in, it looks as if current and returning subscribers who revert to F2P get this PSP status.  That’ll be a ton of people. Also, one thing that’s incredible to me is the thing where a straight-up F2P account that never was a past sub gets upgraded to PSP if they make one purchase in the Store.  ONE PURCHASE.  Seriously? That’s amazing.

So, well played, Bioware.


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