Why Are Most of My Favorite Toons Dual-Wielders?   Leave a comment

I dunno, I just like it.

Consider, if you will.  My main LotRO character is a Champion. With a change last year in classes, Champions were no longer allowed to equip shields. This makes sense, since Champion was always meant to be a DPS class. I occasionally switched from sword/shield to dual wield just to see if I lasted longer one way or the other. Found Champions were /not/ all that awesome at being kinda-tanks, so went back to being pure DPS and maxed out the traits so the one heal was more powerful and I burned the baddies more quickly.

My main in WoW breaks this mold, as she’s a tankadin, but I love her crowd control abilities. Hammer of the Righteous FTMFW.  CLANG!  My TOR main is a JK Sentinel, which is,  yep, dual wield.  My preferred smuggler spec is Gunslinger, again a dual wield character.  

I know intellectually that dual wielding means more DPS, even with any offhand penalties, else why bother with any dual wielding classes at all?  But honestly?  I mostly play them cos I’ve always been in love with old-school Florentine-style swordplay in the swashbuckler and musketeer movies.  A rapier and poignard were always just so awesome to me.  I loved dual-wielding lightsabers well before Anakin did so (badly) in Attack of the Clones.  My favorite movie dual-wielder has to be Jadis, the White Witch in the first Narnia movie.  HOLY CRAP, SHE WAS BADASS.

So, yeah.  If a game has a dual-wielding class, especially if it’s a plate class, it’ll be my favorite.  I mean, I do like the squishy classes too, mages and priests and wizards (Sith Sorcerer/purple lightning, yo), but I think my least favorites tend to be rogue classes, even if they’re dual-wield.  I’m still pondering the WoW druid classes. I know I don’t like playing them as tanks, but the balance spec appeals to my mad-on for celestial stuff.  I also like other ranged-melee classes (hunters, etc.), but yeah, dual-wielders are my faaaaavorite.


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