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Seriously, I’m excited about the Cartel Shop in TOR. Finding some of the changes they’re going to implement make me REALLY REALLY eager to see them in Live.

Okay, so I’ve been in LotRO since day 1, so the notion of a ‘spend X currency to get Y thingies’ isn’t new to me. I have a VERY bad habit of spending my Turbine Points on mounts for my main, for example.  I bought the high elf race in EQ2 with Station Cash cos I was all /sadface when I couldn’t play my high elf pally after I let my EQ2 acct go to freep status.

So, the basic methodology here is the same. Nothing very innovative for /how/ the process works.  What’s making twitter spaz over things are the sorts of items that are available in the Cartel store and the prices of the items.  Bearing in mind that right now it’s only on the PTS, and the contents of what’s available to purchase might change, it would be something of a dick move on Bioware’s part and increase player frustration if they don’t keep the items available in live that they’re letting people get on the PTS. I’m not saying that every single item on the PTS should carry over to live, cos if they realize that something is whoa OP, of course for game balance blah blah blah. But in general, the same kinds of items should carry over, so players don’t feel like they got jerked around.

One of the most exciting things for me is the HUGE change that /all/ legacy perks will be available for purchase through the store. Here was my initial reaction:  HOLY CRAP BLUE JEDI HERE I COME!  Or a suitable muppetflail.gif.  Once they first announced the notion of leveling a toon to 50, you suddenly get that species available for any class, I’ve been in love with the notion of having a Chiss Jedi and a Sith Consular.  For someone like me who’s a slow leveler who doesn’t even have /one/ 50 (and my stranded main 44 JK is a human), this is a big deal.  

I’m going to have to go to the PTS and look at things more in-depth when I get a few minutes to spare, but that right there is worth the price of admission.  


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