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I’ve been following and cheering on the efforts of my friends who work for Turbine as they took part in Extra Life’s charity gaming marathon, and I blogged about it the other day. Well, the fundraising drive and the marathon are over, and I’m still beside myself with how the gaming community stepped up, how the fundraisers themselves were willing to go to some pretty wild and wacky fun extremes to get those donations to roll in.  I did what I could to contribute, wish I could have done more.

My friend Rick Heaton, aka Sapience from Lord of the Rings Online, has engineered the most amazing thing.  I am humbled and dumbfounded by the generosity of gamers, and it /still/ brings tears to my eyes to see that my dear friend, whom I tease mercilessly on Twitter, has accomplished such a feat.

His initial goal was $500, as I’ve said before.  His final tally was $18,035, and he was the #1 fundraiser IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY, with Team Turbine being the #3 fundraising team in the country. Only Reddit and KBMOD.COM raised more.

Again.  He raised over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS all by himself.

And the first thing he’d likely tell you is that it was in no way about him, it was all about the kids this fundraising drive will help. In fact, the greenie Reaver he rolled to let Free Peoples players kick his butt in PVMP on Brandywine was called ‘Fordakidz’.

This is a guy who painted a target on himself in-game and on the net, willing to do whatever it took to increase the donations, because every additional dollar given to this cause was going to help someone who truly needed it. He could have stopped at $500 and gone ‘hurray, we did it!’ and rode out the rest of the time until the gaming marathon. He didn’t have to give out every possible prize except Turbine’s kitchen sink. He didn’t have to offer to shave his 17-year-old beard.  There’s so much he did that other people would not have done, for whatever valid reason they would have had.  I mean, if I were raising funds, I couldn’t imagine doing something extreme such as shave my head, or dressing up in a goofy costume (well, okay, I do that at cons anyway), or something similar that makes me potentially a laughingstock or cause personal embarrassment.  I don’t have that kind of bravery or chutzpah, but Rick Heaton does, and he selflessly put his personal dignity on the line for the sake of children that needed someone to help them… and boy howdy did they get a champion indeed.

I am honored to know this guy, and I think I’m going to close this with a simple statement, before I embarrass him any further.

You did good, Rick.

Now get some sleep. 🙂


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2 responses to “I’ve Got Something in Both Eyes.

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  1. Sithbard applauds!

  2. The truly couldn’t be a better Community Manager for Turbine. He does a fantastic job, and did a phenomenal job with this fund raiser. Congratulations, Sapience.

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