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Sometimes, someone does something that is just so completely amazing and wonderful and incredible, and it brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it.

Y’see, Rick Heaton (aka Sapience, the CM of LotRO), has been leading the charge for Team Turbine’s efforts on behalf of Extra Life, the gaming charity that does a 24 hour marathon and raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Turbine’s employees have done wonders for raising money for the charity, and I have much love for my dear Seraphina Brennan as well, and her efforts in beating her initial goal of $500.  However, Rick deserves some major praise here, because his original goal was also $500.

He’s currently sitting at $15,621.

At this point, he’s offered everything but the Turbine kitchen sink for rewards for the donors. We’re getting in-game and on-forum titles; free mounts; some randomly-selected donors are getting Turbine Points, t-shirts, or one lucky person is getting a lifetime/VIP subscription.  He got Thinkgeek to send him some dwarf beard hats so he and a dev can do a community update wearing them. He’s making a Legolas costume to wear in a future community update video.

The man is going to SHAVE HIS BEARD.  That thing’s almost old enough to vote!  Hell, his wife hasn’t ever seen him clean-shaven!  And he’s gonna shave it off, and if he hits the final mark (which will probably take, oh, an hour from now if that), he’ll even have the shaving videoed for Youtube!

I might troll the /fuck/ out of him cos he’s a friend (he can thank my hobbit-like sister for introducing us), but while one lucky donor gets lunch on him at PAX East next year, I think I’m gonna continue what is now officially a PAX East tradition.  The chicken and waffles some other time that weekend are on me, buddy.

There’s a reason why LotRO’s community keeps winning ‘best of’ awards, and it doesn’t trickle down from the top.  It’s a bloody deluge.  I could only aspire to such humble greatness.

Lobster approves.


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