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Hi there! My name is Jean, and I typically go by Druidsfire or Jayekitty on most things on the net.

This blog has one simple purpose: to post my thoughts on gaming. This includes the games I play, my opinions on gameplay, on the behavior of other players, gaming/other cons I go to and stuff like that. This isn’t meant to be any sort of thing where I am trying to be an authority on anything. I’m not. I’m just a random gamer with one relative and some amazing friends in the industry. (No, I can’t get you beta keys, I don’t get them myself, much less spares.)

Full disclosure (aka, Jean Namedrops Everyone):

My sister Donna is the Sparkly Princess of Social Media for SOE and through her introducing me to half the planet, I am extremely fortunate to call a number of community management sorts friend, such as Gazillion’s Stephen Reid, Turbine’s Rick Heaton and Seraphina Brennan, and Bioware’s Joveth Gonzalez. The only actual dev I’m friends with is TOR’s lead writer, Hall Hood, although I’m acquaintances with a number of his current and past colleagues. These people are my /friends/, they are not folks I pester for freebies or interfere with their jobs. Teasing and the occasional trolling are other matters entirely. 😉

You can get a better listing of who my peeps are by checking my followers listing on twitter (@druidsfire). Follow me if you like, although I do say bad words from time to time and occasionally let loose my liberal political views. I also host a comedy music show called Radio Free Gallifrey on on Friday nights from 8-10pm Eastern (@rfgallifrey).


– 20 years of experience playing MUSHes (text-based RPGs)
– WoW player since late vanilla (right before BC came out – 1 toon currently at level cap)
– LotRO Founder/Lifer since 2007 (no toons @ cap /shame)
– TOR Founder since 2011
– EQ2 lowbie since 2009? I forget when exactly, but it was before it went F2P.
– EQ1 – lapsed
– Aion – lapsed
– SWG (let’s all go waaaah! now)
– Bought a Wii the day they first came out, still haven’t gotten off my ass to finish Twilight Princess
– DSLite w/ Phantom Hourglass, Lego Star Wars
– PS2 – Only got it for Jedi Starfighter, honest
– Zelda series: own all the console games, beat all up til TP.

You’ll notice a distinct lack of tabletop, cardgaming, or boardgaming street cred in here. No groups near me with the necessary scheduling, and I never really got into them once I got addicted to the net back in college anyway.

So, that’s about all you’ll need to know to understand where I’m coming from when I open my yap here.



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