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It’s actually funny, this one.  Back in the day, I turned my console/PC gaming nose up at games I half-sneeringly referred to as ‘Evercrack’ or ‘Warcrack’.  I have other interests such as costuming, drawing (, or writing somewhat bad fanfic (that will never see the light of day), and I saw many unhealthy addictive behaviors being created by folks who played such games to the detriment of their real lives.  I preferred my MUSHes, and the Wii had just come out in 2006, so I was all fired up about playing Zelda: Twilight Princess (oh that Link, he’s pretty hawt).

Aaaaaanyway.  I’m part of the comedy music scene (aka ‘dementia’ in honor of Dr. Demento) as a DJ, and occasionally I get the idea for a song parody.  Generally when it comes to one of my creative muses, the idea won’t leave me alone until I get it done somehow.  So, I got an idea for a song parody based on one of the more recent Pink Floyd songs (‘On the Turning Away’, for all you Floyd fans in the house).  My problem was… I didn’t know the game well enough to write a song knowledgeably.  Real WoW players would swiftly realize I had no fucking idea about the game and was just spouting phrases I’d looked up on Wikipedia.  And, with due respect to my friends who are real comedy songwriters, I really really get irritated when a non-fan writes song about something they don’t play or watch or participate in.  So, me writing a song about WoW when I wasn’t an actual player was just not gonna happen.

So I had to start playing WoW.  It was late 06, Burning Crusade was going to launch in a couple of months, and HOLY SHIT, BLOOD ELVES HAVE A PHOENIX SYMBOL, well, yeah, I’ve been a dork about phoenixes since long before I ever heard of the X-Men or Jean Grey.  I started playing in vanilla to get the songwriting muse to STFU, but I never /stopped/ playing for any length of time.  I checked out other MMOs, but the only one I was stupidly excited about was the launch of LotRO, cos between Professor Tolkien and Peter S. Beagle, they were the reason I got into fantasy and thus into nerdiness in general. I have had the extreme good fortune to have met Peter on a few occasions, and on one of them, I was wearing a shirt I’d got from his store that proudly proclaims ‘Dammit, Peter S. Beagle, it’s all your fault!’

True story.


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